The Pastor of Discipleship (PD) will promote discipleship at NCC from the cradle to the grave, that is, by helping individuals and groups use their gifts in ways that contribute to maturity in Christ.

He is to model a Christ-centered life, both professionally and personally, including a demonstrated reliance on the Holy Spirit. He must be able to establish good working relationships and have problem-solving skills.

Leadership and Leadership Development
• At the beginning of each church year, the PD will collaborate with ministry leaders (e.g., Growth Groups, Men’s and Women’s Ministry, Committee Chairpersons) to identify priorities, annual objectives, and general strategies. (The ministry leaders, not the PD, are tasked with implementing the plan).
• Mobilize leaders for discipleship that extends ministry to various segments of the congregation.
• Identify, recruit, and develop leaders. Increase effectiveness of those leaders by providing needed information and resources, dealing pastorally with mistakes, weaknesses, and gaps in giftedness.
• Ensure there is adequate development of leaders (personally or with the assistance of a subject matter expert) for all positions.

Ministry Team Coordination
• Act as the hub for the coordination, direction, and operation of ministry leaders.
• Clarify for leaders their annual communication goals and periodically evaluate their effectiveness.
• Provide general oversight to the Director of Children’s Ministries, Youth Leaders, Growth Group Leaders, Men’s & Women’s Bible Studies, Fellowship Time, etc. (this does not mean the PD is involved in the minutiae of every group; nor is he responsible for finding volunteers in each ministry area, but he will at least be aware of their progress and effectiveness).

Congregational Life
• Ensure that the congregation is aware of ministry opportunities at NCC and in our community.
• Conduct hospital visitation, funerals, and bereavement visits as necessary.

Ministry of the Word
• Teach Sunday School (or arrange for capable teachers)
• Preach as needed (as often as once a month).

• The PD reports to the Lead Pastor.
• The PD will apprise the Elders of general strategies, issues, and challenges.

The normal work week will be approximately 45–50 hours, which includes time spent in church meetings and gatherings. Pastoral staff members are to choose at least one day a week to rest, when they will normally not be involved in church functions and duties.

To learn more about our church, community, and our Pastor of Discipleship position, please download our brochure by clicking the hyperlink. Once you have downloaded and read through our brochure, please send your resume to associatepastorsearch@newcovenantnaperville.org.   

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