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Blog Archives: June 2018

Logic on Fire

June 28, 2018
Chris Castaldo
Called from a most promising career in medicine, Martyn Lloyd-Jones became a preacher of great renown. For thirty years, he served as pastor of Westminster Chapel in London. Raised a Welsh “Calvinistic Methodist,” he combined the Reformers’ zeal for doctrine and the spirit of the 18th century English revivals under Wesley and Whitefield. In this passage from his book Preaching & Preachers, he speaks of the necessity of Holy Spirit power in preaching. Sermon preparation is essential, but without unction in delivery, nothing much happens....

The Crooked Road to Calvary

June 21, 2018
Chris Castaldo
The road to Calvary is rarely straight, a fact we’ll recognize on Sunday from Israel’s Exodus through the Red Sea. A host of detours, excursions, and u-turns often attends our steps before God brings us to the Cross and empty tomb. Such unexpected factors bring greater color and texture to our experience and bring the wonder of redemption into sharper focus. In addition to enriching our faith, conversion stories portray the movements by which we move closer to Christ. In what follows, I'd like to outline the broad contours of my own ...

The Certainty of Salvation

June 14, 2018
Chris Castaldo
An important difference between the Roman Catholic and Reformation positions on salvation pertains to assurance, that is, how certain we can be that we possess a saving relationship with God. Catholics resist the idea that we can ever know whether we will indeed remain faithful to the end of our life.[i] It is only with the gracious help of God that a believer can persevere,[ii] always with the possibility of falling away from grace.[iii] The Catechism, which affirms that Catholics “can lose this priceless gift” of faith (CCC 162), ...

Let There Be Light

June 07, 2018
Chris Castaldo & Andrew Fulton
Chris, At Sunday’s annual meeting, we had opportunity to hear Pastor Andrew describe his new ministry focus at NCC, what we’re calling the “Pastor of Congregational Life.” In addition to his leadership among the youth, he will promote the mission and vision of NCC by helping individuals find opportunities to use their gifts in meaningful ways; and by coordinating ministry leaders, programs, and church-wide events. There are a host of reasons why I’m excited about this new focus. It promises to bring greater alignment to our ministry and ...