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Blog Archives: June 2015

Better to Light a Candle

June 25, 2015
Chris Castaldo
Pastor Pierre-Charles Toureille (1900 – 1976) risked his life during World War II to keep Jews out of Nazi death camps. At the beginning of the war, before many people could fathom Hitler’s true intentions, he served under the Protestant Federation of France (FPF) as chaplain for refugees in southern France. His job was to make living conditions in the internment camps as comfortable as possible. When it became clear the Jews were not being merely relocated but killed, Toureille pushed his colleagues to adopt a more aggressive stance. They ...

Catholic Believers as Brothers and Sisters in Christ?

June 17, 2015
Chris Castaldo
A reader posed the following question to me: Chris, how can you clearly articulate some of the significant differences in doctrine between Evangelicals and Roman Catholics and yet continue to call Catholic believers “brothers and sisters in Christ”? For many of the Reformers, the doctrinal differences led to quite different conclusions about where Roman Catholics stand in their relationship with God. I am wondering if you can explore further what believing basic Catholic doctrine means for the average Catholic’s relationship with God? How ...

Is Religious Dialogue with Catholics Desirable?

June 10, 2015
Chris Castaldo
To many evangelical Protestants the word “dialogue” is akin to the word “ecumenism,” which, in their lexicon, is another way of saying “theological compromise.” These individuals fear that such discussion is simply a prelude to suppressing genuine differences in a lowest-common-denominator approach to unity. In fact, over the years I have noticed a fascinating phenomenon that bears this out. Very often, if I am speaking with a group on the subject of Catholicism and use the word “dialogue,” it won’t be long before someone raises a hand and ...