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Blog Archives: May 2015

Justification among Catholics and Protestants

May 28, 2015
Chris Castaldo
This Sunday morning at NCC we will have a Q&A session in the fellowship hall following the morning service in which we consider how to talk with Catholic friends about the gospel (with copies of my new book on the subject for sale at a discounted price). In the interest of priming the pump, here is a question that I am commonly asked concerning our similarities and differences on the doctrine of salvation. How does the Catholic teaching on salvation compare to an evangelical Protestant understanding? There are numerous ways to compare ...

When Catholics Visit Your Church…

May 20, 2015
Chris Castaldo
Whenever I speak at churches on the topic of talking with Catholics about the gospel, there is a particular question that normally emerges: How can Protestant churches engage Catholics (and former Catholics) on Sunday morning? It’s a difficult question to answer, since we seldom think of Catholics as a people group who possess a distinct culture. And yet, that is precisely what we encounter among our Catholic friends and loved ones–particular values and priorities which emerge from a collection of customs, ethnic practices, and ...

Perspective on the Number of Converts to Catholicism in the U.S.

May 14, 2015
Chris Castaldo
Conversion from Protestantism to Roman Catholicism has received attention over recent years, partly on account of autobiographies that describe the movement. For example, in 1993, a Presbyterian graduate of Gordon-Conwell, Scott Hahn, published Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism. In 1994, Professor Thomas Howard wrote his story, Lead, Kindly Light: My Journey to Rome. Two years later, David Currie wrote Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic. In 2009, Frank Beckwith, after his election to the presidency of the Evangelical ...

“Blind Spots” by Collin Hansen

May 06, 2015
Chris Castaldo
Last month, at our New Covenant Community Chat, we considered Collin Hansen’s new book Blind Spots as a way to reflect upon our doctrinal, missional, and service-oriented commitments. Following up from that conversation, I would like to offer the following insights by Ed Stetzer on Collin’s book (in Christianity Today), which help us to boldly love each other and unite for the Great Commission despite our differences:   1. Unless we shine light onto our blind spots and measure ourselves against Jesus, we will be tempted to apply our ...