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Blog Archives: November 2017

Stewarding Our Time, Not Just Our Money

November 30, 2017
Chris Castaldo
“Time is money.” How true this is! Time is also a gift. In fact, it’s the most valuable resource you and I will ever have. The way we use it will influence our earning potential, the way we spend our money, the quality of our relationships, and our overall health. Time is also the ultimate equalizer – no matter who you are or where you were born, you have the exact same 24 hours each day and the freedom to decide how you’re going to use them. I was recently listening to a podcast featuring best-selling author and speaker, Rory Vaden ...

Good News Advent Devotional

November 21, 2017
Chris Castaldo
When you’ve stepped into 2018 and looked back upon this Advent season, what will you see? Were you gripped by the wonder of the incarnation? Did the glory of this holy season shine into your rhythms of mundane life? How will you have elevated your sites and that of your family members to see the reality of Immanuel, God with us? In an effort to promote devotion to Christ between now and the New Year, NCC is offering to you and your family Good News of Great Joy: Daily Readings for Advent. It contains 25 short devotional readings beginning ...

How Christianity Conquered Rome

November 14, 2017
Chris Castaldo
Famine and war had recently afflicted Caesarea, so when the plague hit in the early fourth century, the populace was already weakened and unable to withstand this additional blow. Men and women began fleeing the city, one of the larger ones of the Roman Empire, for safety in the countryside.1 However, in the midst of the fleeing inhabitants, at least one group was staying behind, the Christians. Bishop of the city and historian of the early church, Eusebius, recorded that during the plague, “All day long some of them [the Christians] tended ...

Faith: Living, Busy, Active, Mighty

November 09, 2017
Chris Castaldo
In our day it is fashionable to portray Martin Luther as one who was strictly concerned with faith as a momentary event involving the transfer of one’s trust, apart from a subsequent lifetime of obedient works. I would like to suggest that this caricature is not only unfair; it is also inaccurate. This week’s post is written in honor of my friend, the most venerable Lutheran Theologian Paul Szobody, in an effort to set the record straight. Reformer Martin Luther’s “Preface to the Epistle of St. Paul to the Romans” was written in 1522 for ...