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Blog Archives: October 2017

Reforming Music—Martin Luther and Worship

October 26, 2017
Greg Wheatley
Situated on the River Elbe, approximately midway between modern day Leipzig and Berlin, sits the town of Wittenberg. If you visit this town of 50,000 people today, your tour guide will doubtless want to take you to Market Square and show you the Stadtkirche (Town Church). This church, which dates to the 13th century, could hardly be more pivotal in what we now call the Protestant Reformation, and in some of the worship reforms it brought. Imagine yourself seated in this church on a Sunday morning in 1517. As a faithful member of the Church, ...

Recognizing Sexual Abuse

October 19, 2017
Chris Castaldo
A national conversation has emerged. It's long overdue given the massive numbers of people to whom it pertains. It is the subject of sexual abuse. I was driving the other day and caught part of a Chris Fabry program on the topic. In particular, it was about the "#me too" movement and how it has exposed the pervasive problem of sexual abuse. Part of the program addressed the need for churches to recognize the issue and provide resources for those whose lives have been affected. That's what this blog post is about. For starters, I want to ...

“Roman But Not Catholic”– An Interview with the Authors

October 18, 2017
Chris Castaldo
I remember my First Communion in the Roman Catholic Church—white suit, white tie, white shoes. There I was, in the groovy 1970’s, walking through the parish like a little John Travolta. I also remember a question that crossed my mind for the first time: Am I a Christian or am I Roman Catholic? The question created some confusion. How do terms such as “Christian,” “Roman,” and “Catholic’ relate to one another? Perhaps you’ve wondered. This 500-year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation is concerned with the above question, or ...

Pew’s Reformation Research, and what the church can learn from it

October 11, 2017
Chris Castaldo
Five centuries after Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses — the start of the Protestant Reformation by traditional reckoning — majorities of U.S. Protestants reportedly reject the Reformation doctrines of sola fide (the belief that justifying righteousness comes by faith alone) and sola scriptura (the belief that Scripture is the supreme authority for Christian faith and practice). This is what a recent Pew Research Center study has found. Pew also reported that theological differences between Protestants and Roman Catholics appear to be narrowing ...

16th Century Renewal Today

October 05, 2017
Chris Castaldo
In 1512 the Italian General of the Augustinian Order, Giles of Viterbo, asserted, “Men must be changed by religion, not religion by men.” To get a sense of the ecclesial malignancy of this period, we only have to consider some of its popes. Here are a few examples. Julius II (pont. 1503-1513) is often called the Warrior-Pope. He dressed like a Roman emperor, donning a yellow cape, and preferred the fragrance of gunpowder to incense. Absorbed by the secular role of the papacy, he especially enjoyed battle, personally riding into combat with ...