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Blog Archives: January 2019

Steadfast in Faith

January 17, 2019
Chris Castaldo
Justin Martyr was born in Samaria and was converted to Christ from a background in pagan philosophy. He was steadfast in faith, and this ultimately cost him his life. After refuting a philosopher called Crescens in public discussion, he and four of his friends fell victim to Crescens’ revenge. The prefect of Rome, Rusticus, demanded that Justin and his colleagues burn incense to the pagan gods; when they refused, they were tortured and killed. Justin’s answer still testifies to his love for the only God. The following was recorded at the ...

Renewal Starts with Confession

January 10, 2019
Chris Castaldo
Evangelist, church planter, and founder of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Dwight L. Moody (1837-1899) had a passion to proclaim the gospel to the masses. Often preaching at the margins of life, Moody stressed the need for repentance and the hope of salvation in Christ Jesus. Ever looking forward to the Second Advent, his life’s desire was to see revival—a revival that, he believed, had to begin in the Church of God. I firmly believe that the Church of God will have to confess her own sins, before there can be any great work of grace....

Conquering the Desolate Silence

January 03, 2019
Chris Castaldo
Many people make it their policy to avoid discussion about death, even though it's certain to visit all of us. In fact, our lives move along a deathward trajectory. Thousands of people die each day, and it's the horizon before which we rise every morning. The Italian playboy Casanova resented the thought of death because it threatened to remove him from the stage of history before the end of the show. Simone de Beauvoir suggested that death instills anxiety precisely because it is “the inescapable reversal of our projects.” Whatever the ...