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Testimony of Stewardship

Growing through giving, by Bob Ooms

A guiding principle—God doesn’t need my money. God is not dependent upon my offering for Him to accomplish all His will on earth, yet He loves a cheerful giver.

The Apostle Paul certainly knew what it was to be in need, especially during his imprisonment in Rome. He wrote the letter to the Philippians, acknowledging their gift.  In Philippians 4:17 he writes, “Not that I desire your gifts; what I desire is that more be credited to your account.” He captures the heart of God who is a “giver”. It is God’s desire that through my gifts certain things would be credited to me, that good would come into my life through my sacrificial giving.

I’ve grown to understand that God finds pleasure in my life as it is being changed by His grace. My human nature is bent toward selfishness. As I grow in generosity, God sees that His grace transforms the core of my being. He is pleased to see the increasing effects of Christ’s work in the life of a sinner. I find great joy knowing that God is pleased with me.

As I have grown in giving, my heart is weened away from the love of money; I find less fulfillment in my savings account. I have grown to be more dependent on Him, and less on my own efforts to make more money.

What a joy it is to see the labors of my hands making a difference in people’s lives! Through the Gospel ministry to which I have given, I see people becoming more like Jesus in their conversions, in their victory over temptations, in marriages being restored, and in people passionately living for God’s pleasure.

Just like growing in any Christian virtue, growing in giving does not come easily. It takes my yielding to God’s Spirit.  He continually challenges me to change my old ways to become all that He desires me to be. Knowing that I am being pursued by God for His glory is a source of abiding satisfaction in my beloved Savior.