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Blog Archives: June 2016

Praying for Leaders

June 30, 2016
Chris Castaldo
Seventeenth-century England was a political/religious battleground, and Presbyterian Richard Baxter was no stranger to the conflict. Sympathetic to Cromwell’s cause, he was forced to leave his Kidderminster parish since it was situated in Catholic Royalist country. But when Cromwell was victorious, Baxter found himself at odds with some of his policies. Conflict followed conflict, and, as a 70-year-old man in ill health, Baxter spent two years in prison for alleged offenses in his Paraphrase on the New Testament. Still, he was unwavering in ...

Faith & Politics Forum

June 22, 2016
Chris Castaldo
Unless you have just awakened from a long summer’s nap, you recognize that we are in the midst of a most consequential (and ugly) election cycle in recent memory. While our nation is polarized in partisan gridlock, the Church is called to embody and proclaim the good news of the kingdom. How shall we do this? The following recordings, taken from our recent Faith and Politics forum at New Covenant Church, provides insight into the question:     Faith & Politics Seminar Sorry, your browser doesn't support iFrames. Please <a ...

A Focused Faith

June 16, 2016
Chris Castaldo
Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945), a Protestant pastor, was one of Germany’s leading scholars of the twentieth century. He courageously returned from Union Seminary in New York to oppose Adolf Hitler. His great desire was for Christians to follow Christ whatever the cost. It was a cost he knew only too well: he was arrested, imprisoned, and executed (just days before the end of the Second World War) for his opposition to the Nazi regime. In his most famous work, The Cost of Discipleship (1937), he urged Christians to throw off everything that ...

Faith & Politics: Culture Impact Forum

June 08, 2016
Chris Castaldo
They say you should never talk about religion and politics. Now I don’t know who “they” actually are, but anyone who is committed to Christ—and to sharing his love with others—knows that sometimes we simply must talk about what the world calls religion. But should Christians also talk about politics? What, after all, does Jerusalem have to do with Athens? Unless you have just awakened from a long summer’s nap, like Rip Van Winkle, you probably understand that we are in the midst of the most consequential—not to mention ...

Why Be Concerned with Reaching Indian People?

June 02, 2016
Edited by Chris Castaldo Why Be Concerned with Reaching Indian People? Over the past two weeks, New Covenant members have opened up their homes to host 8 students beyond our fellowship, 5 of whom are planning to move to South Asia within this year.  These past two weeks, New Covenant has partnered with Christar to transform the fellowship hall into an interactive classroom for students to wrestle through the complexities of Hindu culture, Hindu people groups, and Hindu beliefs. Through this intensive training, students are beginning to ...