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Blog Archives: April 2018

The Priority of Prayer

April 26, 2018
Chris Castaldo
Adoniram Judson was among the first missionaries that American Baptists sent overseas. During a long career in Burma, he became noted for his commitment to evangelism and his translation of the Bible into Burmese. A master of languages, he also produced a Burmese grammar and dictionary. His preaching ministry resulted in thousands of conversions, though it was interrupted by imprisonment for 17 months during a war between England and Burma, from 1824-1825. In this selection, Judson shows that his accomplishments did not come at the expense ...

It Is God’s Church

April 19, 2018
Chris Castaldo
Harry Blamires (1916-2017 ) started writing through the encouragement of C. S. Lewis, his tutor at Oxford. He has taught both in England and the United States as a professor of English and English literature. He is the author of more than thirty books in various genres including theology, education, English literature, and fiction. In the following excerpt, Blamires offers a helpful reminder. Opposition to the Church is nothing new. One tactic of the modern age, however, is to attack the very foundation of the Church, calling her very ...

Silencing the Scream

April 12, 2018
Chris Castaldo
Before World War I, a certain frustration was growing in Europe. Despite the industrial revolution’s technological development and its attendant optimism, there was an increasing awareness that something was missing. Romanticism had failed to deliver the kingdom and the cheerful hope of economists was gradually exposed as a façade. The Irish poet, W. B. Yeats (1865-1939) captures the mood in his work, The Second Coming: Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is ...

Your Politics and the Gospel

April 05, 2018
Chris Castaldo
The resurrection of Jesus renews life itself with glorious purpose. It compels us to embody Christ’s love in tangible ways: pursuing justice, defending the vulnerable, giving selflessly, reflecting the beauty of God in works of art and deeds of moral excellence, and living peacefully. It is an Easter morning life that renovates our still sinful hearts and extends to the unredeemed world. At the crux of these tangible acts of love is the verbal announcement of the good news that enables and produces them. Concluding Sunday’s sermon, I ...