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Blog Archives: December 2017

Surprised by Joy in the New Year

December 28, 2017
Chris Castaldo
My phone bonged while driving to the office today. Evidently, when there is an important national news story, my phone departs from the normal vibrate mode and lets out a big bong. In this case, it was a new study showing that 2017 has created anxiety at alarming proportions for many Americans, such that they are entering the new year with a palpable sense of dread. Against this backdrop, I proceeded to the office to study 2 Corinthians 4 and 5 where Paul explains why Christians can rejoice with good courage in the face of anxiety. Chained ...

The Hope of Advent

December 20, 2017
Chris Castaldo
As a teenager working in the mall during Christmas, I was the guy who ran products from the warehouse to the store clerks. This cavernous stockroom was 6,000 square feet and filled wall-to-wall with boxes. On one occasion, I found myself at the rear side of the windowless warehouse opposite the door when someone turned off the lights. There I was, alone in the dark with 15,000 boxes between the light switch and me. I couldn’t see an inch before my face. I know what you’re thinking: just find an aisle and walk toward the door! Yeah, if only ...

Unexpected Joy of Advent

December 12, 2017
Chris Castaldo
Joy emerges often when it’s least expected: When a soldier returns from active duty, surprising his children in the first light of morning; when an unexpected fragrance greets our senses, an aroma of happier years; or when we read Scripture and find a divine promise leaps from the page, exclaiming, “joy inexpressible, filled with glory.” Joy is observed, for example, in Christmas cards. We see the holy family as icons stamped in gold foil, radiant with wonder. We also see a serene and tranquil Mary greeting the angel Gabriel. This, however, ...

Biblical Perspective Of Work

December 07, 2017
Chris Castaldo
Over a 50-year span, the average American spends about 100,000 hours working. A major part of adults’ lives is involved in work, but often with the job comes some degree of dissatisfaction. Perhaps no statistic demonstrates dissatisfaction more than job-hopping tendencies. A recent survey discovered that the average American man changes jobs every four and one-half years, the average woman every three years. To find satisfaction in our work and to be placed in a position where God can prosper our work, we first need to understand what ...