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New Covenant Church believes that membership within a local church family is important. God makes clear to us that we need the encouragement and accountability of our brothers and sisters in Christ if we are to persevere in the faith. God also holds the leaders of a church accountable for how they shepherd the flock under their care; for this to be meaningful and effective, it requires a strong commitment by both the church leadership and all church members.

For these reasons, even if you have not approached an elder to inquire about membership, if you have been regularly attending New Covenant for several months, an elder may encourage you to take this important step.

The membership process begins with attending a membership class (contact the Office to inquire about the next scheduled class), reading through the Membership materials (see links below), and completing the membership application.

Once these steps are completed, you will meet with two of the Elders to give them opportunity to learn more about you and your profession of saving faith in Christ. Following the Elder's recommendation, you will have opportunity in an upcoming worship service to profess your faith by answering in the affirmative a series of questions regarding your faith in Christ and willingness to submit to the church. If required, you will be baptized following this profession.

For more information contact the Church Office (office@newcovenantnaperville.org) or the Council of Elders (elders@newcovenantnaperville.org).

pdf Membership Packet rev. Sep 2015
pdf Membership Application rev. Sep 2015