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Men's Ministry

Why Have a Men's Ministry?

Reason #1

God says it matters! Throughout Scripture, God commands men—in the assembly and at home— to lovingly lead. Whether it is the many commands in the OT law, the requirements for elders and deacons, or admonishments to husbands, the godliness of men within the people of God is necessary for the holiness of the whole. In general, if the men of the church are spiritually mature, the church will be also. Likewise, if the husbands are spiritually mature, our homes will be also.

Reason #2

Men can be so unmanly! Sadly, many men in the Church are not spiritual leaders. Some of this is due to our natural Fall-induced inclinations to abdicate (resign/step down from) responsibility. Some of it is due to cultural shifts, where men are trained, subtly or not so subtly, to play the fool. A goal of our Men’s Ministry is to help each man fight off these natural and cultural forces. By shepherding and training each man, we hope in time to see all the men of our church as qualified “elders”—able to teach, lead, and love, as a godly man should.

We have a weekly men’s Bible study that meets on Saturday mornings from 8 – 9:15AM in the Fellowship Hall. Join the men of our church for this time of study and fellowship. This fall we are studying the book of John.

Contact Randy Cupp to learn more: rrcupp@comcast.net