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Building and Finance Committee

The Building and Finance Committee oversees the business and finances of the Church, in concert with the congregation and the Pastoral Staff.

Their responsibilities include supervision of the Treasurer (Craig Kempton) and the collection of gifts, offerings and other income received by the Church, supervising the allocation of all donations for the financing of the ministries and expenses of the Church, preparing and administering the annual Church Budget, managing the Church property, overseeing the support staff of the Church and maintaining the official records of the Church.

Tom Gebhard serves as the Chair of the Committee, along with Mike Akre, Ed Blumhofer, Nolan Ingebrigston, Scott Scherrer, Roy Verrips, and the Treasurer, Craig Kempton.

Children's Committee

The Children's Ministry Committee oversees ministry to all children aged 5th grade and younger, through our Covenant Kids programs. Covenant Kids exists to see children become rooted in Christ and growing up into Him. The Committee supports New Covenant's mission to partner with parents to nurture, teach and equip children to be joyful servants of Christ.

The Committee has the responsiblity to organize, supervise and direct the Christian educational activities that take place through Covenant Kids. They are also responsible for recruiting and training teachers, selecting curricula, training materials and organizing course schedules.

Lindsay Pennings (childrensministries@newcovenantnaperville.org) is the Chair of the Committee, serving alongside Peggy Lynne Cupp, Natalie DiCicco, Camie Perrin, Barb Peterson and Linda Robert.

Missions Committee

The Missions Committee is responsible for promoting interest in the gospel partners that New Covenant supports, overseeing the selection of new gospel partners and working amongst New Covenant to instill a heart for the gospel spreading to the nations.

The Missions Committee is led by the Chair, Andy Peterson, along with Jeni Gunderson, Lewis Muir, David Reynolds, Manny Robert,  and Stephanie Weckesser.

Music Committee

The Music Committee works with the Music Director (Greg Wheatley) to care for music equipment and supplies, including the music library.

Russell Callender is currently the chair of the Music Committee, along with Gretchen Canfield, Charlotte Muir, Carole Swedo, Rich Tichgelaar and Gabriel Weckesser.